The Legacy Continues
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Show business has never seen a group quite like THE COASTERS®. They occupy a special niche in the music field. Because of their style and approach, they are in a class of their own.

THE ORIGINAL COASTERS, the first vocal group that was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, was Carl Gardner, (deceased)  Billy Guy, (deceased)  Will Jones, (deceased) Cornell Gunter, (deceased).

THE COASTERS® now consist of four very talented singers. All came from musical backgrounds. These four individual along with Veta Gardner are carrying on the legacy of THE ORIGINAL COASTERS.

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The Legacy Continues

Over sixty years, THE COASTERS® are still going strong under the management of Veta Gardner, widow of  Carl Gardner, the original lead singer and founder of THE COASTERS® 

Meet The Group
  • Joe Lance Williams (AKA JW) He has performed live on stage with Carl Gardner Sr. for several years, personally hand picked by Carl in July 2001.
  • Dennis Anderson  - baritone joined the group after the death of Carl Gardner in 2011.
  • Primo Candelaria  - tenor, He joined the Coasters in October 2008 after an audition for Carl Sr.
  • Robert Fowler - (Replacing Eddie Whitfield in 1/2015) Robert has performed on several Broadway shows such as “The Producers”, “Beauty &The Beast”, “Dreamgirls”
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